• Implemented damage engine:


If you choose to have realistic damage, get ready to blow up! One reason to exclude freeware at some point is the damage engine which will crack your ride according to material tables and force simulation when you give it a bump on the runway. Your butt will be scratched on a tail strike and of course you will look like swiss cheese if an enemy shoots you up in combat.


Also the damage engine will simulate failures according to the history of your aircraft and its maintenance status in the real world. Surely you can switch off failures even with realistic damage enabled.

  • An On-Aircraft livery-maker:


The On-Aircraft livery-maker shall give you the possibility to put your own paintjob on any aircraft in your pocket. The only exclusion are real world airline brands which are protected by copyright and not explicitly made free-to-use in FSR by their owner. Therefore your work can only and must be uploaded to FSR to ensure legal requirements are met at all time. Fictional paints will be made available to all FSR users for free and may also be honored and promoted by FSR or even an airline it is dedicated to.


It's time, for a real

FLIGHT simulator, isn't it?

But you can't read my mind, can you? If you could, your mind would be blown just by the imagionation of the possibilities this new flight simulating project is aiming at... Oh, sure, I will tell you what's on my mind.


Bad news first:

There will be rarely any freeware content for this new simulator.


On the other hand I'm aiming to make high quality products with continuous improvements for a rather low price. How? By benefitting from the community. The more demand is on a certain product, the lower the fee is for everyone who subscribed to it.


The choice of words is telling it:

FSR and all its associated products will be subscriptions with monthly payments.

Now to the good news:


Some features that I desperately want to be implemented in the base of FSR:


  • Realistic simulation of nature containing:

- Live real world weather

- Default seasons and such changing according to current real climate

- Sky and sunset / sunrise colors changing depending on weather

- Clouds developing according to aerial conditions

- Accurate depiction of real world terrain, flora and fauna

  • Variable and highly accurate ATC:

- Choice between lazy FSX-like ATC or mercyless real world ATC, which

   will send fighters after you, if you do not reply

- The choice to enable real emergency handling for both variations

- Approach controllers finally doing realistic line-ups, runway choices or

   holdings depending on where you are flying

- Realistic responsibility areas of controllers especially on-ground

- Wider choice of voices with local accents

- Speech-to-text-conversion to communicate with AI-ATC.

- Choice how formal ATC-conversations go.


WELCOME to flightsimreality.com! I'm glad you made it here.

So what is this site all about?

Flight simming is many things. A passion, a hobby or just a free time fun activity. Sometimes laughed at, sometimes enthusiastically debated about.

Whatever it is for you, if you think all available simulators

(or simulation games as our beloved sims are also called)

are still missing something, then this is the right page for you. Yet, I am only familiar with FSX and FSX:SE, which I used since day one. This is more than 10 years back now and after groing into the sim world slowly, I realized there's a lot missing for me still.

Even after looking at X-Plane and Prepar3d I thought "this cannot be everything", but for now it truly is. ACS and other specialty dedicated sims that came out lately are doing more or less good work on their field, but none of the big ones seem to handle the whole of "flight" in 'flight sim'. Sure, why buy a giant sim, if all you do is gliding or fighting?


But what if one sim offered the possibility to do everything in one sim while you just pay what you really need? So everyone can combine his selection as he wishes to.If you like to switch from military missions, over to scheduled flights, gliding, or coast guard SAR missions to just discovering your surroundings in an ultra-light, everything should be possible in one big thing.


 And this is exactly what I got in the back of my mind with FSR.

Flight Sim Reality.

  • Pumped up default scenery:


This is something I can't do with pinpoints as it is simply huge. FSR shall feature continent and sometimes also region based buildings, vehicles and ground service equipment. Among them first of all noticeable infrastructre like bridges, tunnels, ports and train stations alongside with highways and railway tracks. A great variety of default terminals and other airport buildings depicting the real world size of each airport. Typical vehicles used to serve aircraft in a certain region (which actually serve the aircraft) and also special vehicles like airport cleaners, emergency services and employee vehicles randomly entering the airport (depending on its size). Ground service equipment such as hand-operated stares, GPU's and air conditioning hoses at jetways, which finally not try to either fly into space or descend into hell, shall be represented just like Follow-Me Cars. Biggest thing about ground services is their realistic deploy. There won't be a push-back truck on stand while you enter it. Furthermore vehicles on ground will follow the airport traffic rules if applicable (e.g. stay on service roads only).


  • Reasonable choice of default aircraft:


Though I have been speaking of "aircraft" all the time this shall include Helicopters as well. In every section of flight -  civil freight and passenger services, military aviation and general aviation - a selection of the most common vehicles should be available. Which ones exactly depends on the development of FSR, which is literally not even born, yet.


Last but not least FSR and all associated products shall be made in cooperation with airlines, aircraft manufacturers, game developers, content creators, physicists, metereologists, handling  and airport companies as well as aviation organizations and institutions and of course everybody else who can contribute to the quality of this project.

The things I mentioned above are just a very small selection of features as I wanted to point out the most vital ones for me. At the moment FSR is only a silhouette slowly taking shape.

I don't even dare to assume a release date or anything else exactly. View the 'Contact' page to find the right way to get in touch. On the 'About' page you will find the targeted way how FSR will work. Check the 'Q&A' page before submitting any questions.

All screenshots are made by myself in FSX:SE with freeware planes. All brands and products shown on this website belong to their copyright owner. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!